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Education, Sustainability, Community, and Growth. These are the values that are integral to the mission of the Boise Urban Garden School. Each year BUGS serves approximately 10,000 youth through our multiple education programs and since our founding, we have provided students with knowledge through “real life” experiences. We know that a student with the ability to dig in the soil, plant a seed, and watch it grow, is excited to eat the fruits of their labor. We plant the student into scientific inquiry and initiative, and watch them grow into curious kids excited about learning. Click the link below to donate and support the BUGS mission.



Everybody has to start somewhere. For Boise Urban Garden School, it started out in the heads of Amy Hutchinson and Wendy Young. It began as a simple desire to make the community healthier and educated about gardening in order to foster a body of people with an aspiration to grow their own food. From a simple passion came a whole team of fellow garden enthusiasts driven to improve the Boise garden scene. From there, it sprouted into the non-profit you know today. Click below to learn more about the roots of BUGS.



annual fundraiser is each year in August, and every time it’s going to be better than ever. Through the garden and culinary components of our programs, our vision is to help students make connections between environmental sustainability, healthy eating, and science in the garden. With your support we help over 10,000 students a year! Come join us as we have a night of food, drinks, music, and fun.


our mission

Grow healthy communities and inquiring minds.


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