Wendy Young and Amy Hutchinson grew up in a community where everyone grew their own food. As a junior high school teacher, Amy recognized that experiences outside of the classroom always made a positive impact on her students. Through planting gardens, taking nature walks, and collecting sagebrush seed in the Boise foothills, Amy planted a passion in her students for nature and healthy living. Wendy and Amy wanted that same passion for generations to come.


Our Staff


Lisa Duplessie,

Executive Director

Amelia Barton,

Environmental Educator

Janice Alexander,

Program Coordinator

Nate Bearden

David Thompson,

Urban Agriculture Specialist

Ethan Morris,

AmeriCorps Member


Our Board


Lindsay Biedel,


Michelle Fisher

Acacia VanEps,


Amanda Neill

Christina Tierney

Mattie Stanford

Grace Witsil

Jennifer Swajkowski